How to activate Windows OS?

how to activate windows operating system

If Windows installed on your system is not activated then you need to activate it for its proper use. You can check your Windows activation status by following how to check windows OS activation status. There are multiple different ways to activate the Windows operating system. Here we will use slmgr tool which is a … Read more

How to make USB drive bootable using cmd?

how to create a usb drive bootable using command prompt

We are often required to boot some software or an operating system from a USB drive. Most of the time a USB is made bootable when we want to install an operating system. There are various ways to make a USB drive bootable in a Windows system. For example, you can create a bootable drive GUI applications … Read more

How to check Windows OS activation status?

check windows activation status

As you know Microsoft Windows is a proprietary operating system, you need to activate it after its installation. Microsoft provides a 25-character product key that you need to purchase in order to activate your Windows OS. The are several methods using which you can check whether Windows on your system is activated or not. For … Read more