Package Management In RPM (.rpm) Based Linux Distributions

The yum and dnf are the command line package management utilities that can be used for installation, updating, and removal of a software package. These are used in the CentOS, Fedora, and other similar Linux distributions. Centos is a community-supported distribution designed as an opensource version of RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) while fedora is another … Read more

Package Management In Debian(.deb) Based Linux Distributions

Software Package A software package is an archive file of compiled and built source code with necessary metadata for its deployment. The metadata of the package consist of dependencies, package version, and about the software. For example – the .deb packaging is used for Debian based Linux Distributions while .rpm packaging is used in Red Hat, … Read more

Process Management In Linux/Unix

A process is an instance of a computer program that is currently running. A program can have multiple instances created when it starts executing which means more than one process can be associated with that program. Multitasking is the method by which these processes share the system resources. Whenever we execute a command on terminal … Read more

How To Add / Remove A User In Linux/Unix

In this article, we will learn to add or remove users and giving them required permissions in Linux or Unix. As these operating systems are multi-user many users can have accounts on a single OS and can use resources simultaneously at a time. So It is necessary to manage all the users or user groups. … Read more

How to Change Owner of a File in Linux

How to change file owner in Linux

Linux and Unix are multi-user operating systems that means different users can access the operating system at a time and can use system resources simultaneously. So, different file and directories can have different owners, and also have different permissions about reading, writing, or execution of that file. If a user A accesses a file which … Read more

How To Use Vi Text Editor An Easy Guide

Introduction to vi Vi is a command based & standard Unix text editor. It is fast and powerful you need not remove your fingers from your keyboard while editing a file in it. It has short commands to manipulate the text. And it is available for nearly all Unix like operating systems. Originally it was … Read more

How To Compile And Run C Or C++ Program In Linux/Unix Terminal

How To Compile C and C++ Program In Linux Terminal

Programming in Linux has various advantages over other operating systems. It provides a vast repository of open source tools required for the development of software as it is open source that means you can change every line of code as per your requirement and use. Basically, Linux comes with pre-installed standard compilers and interpreters so … Read more