Understanding C Programming Basics

Understanding C Programming Basics

So, finally you decided to learn C programming either because it is in your academic syllabus or you to get a job or it is really interesting to you. Whatever may be the case, as learning the Basics of C Programming is the first step, I will make sure you learn the right things in … Read more

How to Learn Linux Kernel Development – Books and FREE Online Course

How to Learn Linux Kernel Development

Programming, coding, development are some of the demanding jobs in the world right now. Out of all those, a Linux Kernel Development is a very rare expertise available in the market. According to Linux Foundation’s 2017 report, approximately 15,600 developers from 1,400 companies across the globe, have contributed to the Linux Kernel. Of course, this … Read more

Simulate the TurtleBot3

Interested in getting started in robotics? There’s no need to purchase expensive hardware before you try some things out: simulate a TurtleBot3 instead! The simulator is complete with LIDAR, a camera, a gyro and many other sensors and actuators. You can also see this installation in action at the Ubuntu Robotics YouTube channel. Software used … Read more

Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS pre-installed is now available

The Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition is now available in North America and selected EMEA countries* certified with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS pre-installed to work straight out of the box. This is the first system available on the market with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, released in April 2020, and continues the long-standing partnership with Canonical which is … Read more