How to install and use Pitivi video editor on Fedora?

install pitivi on fedora linux

Pitivi is a free and open-source non-linear video editing software developed by the contributions of the free software community and the GNOME project. The user-friendly interface of Pitivi gives drag and drop, direct manipulation, reducing complexity, and native theme navigation. It provides various functionalities such as snapping, trimming, splitting, clip cutting, etc. It is the … Read more

How to change display manager in Ubuntu?

change default display manager on ubuntu

A display manager or login manager is a program that provides graphical login capabilities to a Linux system. It is displayed on a system once the boot process is over. It manages all the user sessions and user authentication on the system. Once you are authenticated, the display manager starts the display server and loads … Read more

How to update installed Snap packages in Linux?

how to update snaps on a linux system

Snap is a software package format created by Canonical which includes applications with required dependencies and libraries to run the application on a system. It is a universal approach to application packaging on Linux. The applications packed in a snap will work across different distributions because they contain everything an application needs to run.  As … Read more

How to display the installed Snaps on Ubuntu?

Different Linux distributions use different application packaging formats and tools for their management. For example, .deb packages and apt package manager is used on Ubuntu similarly Fedora uses .rpm packages and dnf as package management tools we can’t use .deb files in Fedora or .rpm files in Ubuntu. So is there a package format that works across all the distributions? The answer is … Read more

How to setup WSL in Windows 11?

how to install wsl in windows 11

This article is all about Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), here we will discuss WSL, its benefits, installation, and usage on a Windows system. What is WSL? WSL or Windows Subsystem for Linux is a compatibility layer that allows Windows users to execute Linux binaries natively on Windows operating system. The WSL includes command line … Read more