How to install Webmin in Fedora Linux?

how to install webmin on fedora

Most of the Linux system administration tasks such as the creation and removal of users, monitoring system resources, etc are usually carried out on a terminal. This always requires knowledge of different commands and how they are used on a system. Webmin is an open-source, modern, web-based tool to manage and monitor your Linux server. … Read more

How to install Snap on Fedora Linux?

how to install snap on fedora linux

There are different ways of installing a software package in Linux. We are most familiar with package management tools like apt, dpkg, OR Software manager which provide a graphical way to install packages on your system. Snap is another package format that can be used across the different distributions of Linux. In this article, I … Read more

How to install Flask on Fedora Linux?

how to install flask on Fedora

Flask is an open-source micro web framework that is written in Python. It can be used to develop secure, scalable, and easily maintainable web applications. It is classified as a micro web framework because it doesn’t include ORM, form validation, or any other functionality which is provided by third-party libraries. However, you can add functionalities … Read more

How to install SmartGit on Fedora Linux?

how to install smartgit on fedora linux

SmartGit is one of the most powerful Git GUI clients with support for Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, etc. It focuses on simplicity by providing a nice GUI so that people who are comfortable with commands can also easily work. It is designed for Git and Mercurial with SVN repositories. SmartGit is available for different platforms including … Read more

How to setup Discord on Fedora Linux?

how to install discord in Fedora

Discord is a cross-platform application for audio and video calls, text messaging, media, and file sharing. It was originally developed for the gaming community but nowadays it gained popularity and people from different interests also use Discord. Discord in general provides a collection of persistent chat rooms and voice chat channels are called servers. These … Read more

How to install Eclipse on Fedora Linux?

how to install eclipse on fedora linux

The Eclipse is a cross-platform integrated development environment mostly used for the development of Java projects. We can enhance its functionality using plugins to support some other programming languages like PHP, C++, JavaScript, etc. Today in this article I will discuss how to install Eclipse on Fedora Linux. Prerequisites To follow this guide you should … Read more