Compiling The Linux Kernel

This is the new Kernel Section (May 2001) and at least the kernel building part is finally completed out in a nice looking manner. The old kernel section has needed help for so long that I decided to finally redo the page correctly. Here it is, enjoy! Required Packages Note: The correct required packages will … Read more

Installing Linux on the Compaq Original Smart Array Controller

Identifying a Compaq Original Smart Array Controller A Compaq Original Smart Array Controller can be identified because it will have one of the following numbers on it: Vendor ID Device ID Name Spare # Assembly # Option # 110e 2040 Smart Array Controller (EISA) 142130-001 002969-001 142055-001 110e 2040 Smart Array Controller (EISA) 181132-001 003596-001 … Read more

Compaq Smart-2/E Array Controller

Spare# 194752-001 Assembly# 194771-001 Option# 194751-001 If you have any comments, questions, or improvements then please drop me a line. Click here to find out how to contact me: contact.html. If you have the Compaq Original Eisa Smart Array Controller then please refer to these instructions located at smart.html. If you wish to learn more … Read more

General instructions for Installing Linux onto Compaq Servers

A fresh install would go like this: Run system erase (WARNING!!! DATA Destructive – this wipes out ALL information on ALL hard drives) SmartStart Manual Installation of Linux (or UnixWare 2 if SS is earlier than SS4.60) SmartStart will configure your hardware – Original EISA Smart Array is manually configured using SCU SmartStart will configure … Read more