10 Best GIF recorders for Linux

10 best gif recorders for linux

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is an image format mainly used to create animations. This format holds multiple pictures at once and when loaded in a certain way, it creates a video-like feeling. Nowadays it is a popular way to share funny animations or short clips on the internet and is also used in web publishing. … Read more

7 Best backup tools for Linux

best backup tools for linux

Backup of a computer system is very important as it can prevent you from data loss in case of system failure. The possible causes of a system failure are disk failure, corruption of the filesystem, human errors, etc. There are various backup and recovery tools for Linux some of them can be used from the … Read more

Hannah Montana Linux

Hannah Montana is a Linux distribution that is themed after the American television show Hannah Montana. This distribution is based on Kubuntu and built around the modern KDE desktop environment. It has been created to “attract young users to Linux”. It is pitched as fast, stable and powerful, and considered safe from computer viruses. The … Read more

FreeBSD vs Linux

As I already discussed the differences between Unix and Linux operating systems. FreeBSD is an operating system based on Unix. Today in this article, we will discuss the differences between FreeBSD and Linux operating systems. What is FreeBSD? FreeBSD is a free and open-source operating system. It is descended from BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) which … Read more

Difference between Unix and Linux

In this article, you will see the difference between Unix and Linux operating systems. What is Unix? Unix is an operating system originally developed in AT&T Bell Labs. Its development was started in 1970 by Ken Thomson, Dannis Ritchie, and others. Unix is widely used on servers, workstations, etc. Unix is a proprietary operating system … Read more

System Monitor: The Task Manager in Linux

Many Windows users who are coming to Linux search for the task manager application. The task manager is a very useful application using which you can see running processes, CPU usage, and memory information. From its interface, you can terminate any process immediately by clicking on “End Task”. Probably there are no such applications with … Read more

How to setup DHCP server on Linux?

DHCP is a networking protocol used to assign IP addresses and other network parameters automatically to devices connected to a network using a client-server architecture. As you know each device on the internet has a unique IP address. There are two ways to assign an IP address to a newly connected device on a network. … Read more

Best Text Editors for Linux

A computer program that allows us to edit plain text is called a text editor. Text editors are improving day by day many of them can be used as IDE to write code in various programming languages and provide features such as syntax highlighting, text formatting, etc. On a Linux system, text editors broadly can … Read more

Bash If-else statement Tutorial

The conditional statements in computer programming provide a way in which the computer takes a decision based on whether a condition is true or false. This concept is common among various programming languages. In this article, you will learn bash if, if-else,if-elif-else and their nested statements. Bash if statement Using an if without else statement … Read more