WiFi 2.4 vs 5 GHz

wifi 2.4 vs 5 ghz

Wifi is a wireless LAN that transfers data and establishes communication channels among devices by using radio waves. It is one of the most useful technologies of computer networking. It has a lot of advantages over wired networks for example wireless networks are easy to set up and inexpensive. Also, these are highly portable. If … Read more

Differences between TCP and UDP

In computing, a communication protocol defines the set of rules, syntax, synchronization of communication, and possible error recovery methods. These are the fixed standards that govern the way two devices communicate with each other. TCP and UDP are the two most widely used internet protocols that we are going to discuss here. What is TCP … Read more



You may be familiar with the terms FTP and SFTP, these are the protocols that are used to transfer the files between client and server. So here in this article, I will explain what are FTP & SFTP and the differences between them. What is FTP?   FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a standard … Read more

How To Setup Network File System (NFS) In Linux?

How to Setup NFS in Linux

NFS or Network file system is a distributed filesystem protocol. It allows a remote host to mount filesystem over a network and interact that filesystem much like local storage is accessed. It follows the client-server model. The mounted filesystem can be accessed by the client with whatever privileges assigned to each file. Like many other … Read more

Setting Routes in Linux

(Static Routes Page: static-routes.html) These methods of changing the route table don’t last accross reboots. Listed below are methods to make any of these changes permanent. Checking the route table in Linux netstat -rn route Adding and Removing a Network in Linux route add -net gw route del -net gw Adding … Read more

DHCPD Quick Setup Instructions

Sample of how to set up DHCPD server on Red Hat 7.0 Copy over the sample dhcpd.conf file cp /usr/share/doc/dhcp-2.0pl5/dhcpd.conf.sample /etc/dhcpd.conf Edit /etc/dhcpd.conf Here’s a copy of the unmodified sample: subnet netmask { # — default gateway option routers; option subnet-mask; option nis-domain “domain.org”; option domain-name “domain.org”; option domain-name-servers; option … Read more