Difference between C and C++ programming languages

c vs c++

C and C++ are among the most popular programming languages used for developing system applications, games, operating systems, etc. Both sound similar but have differences in terms of the features that they provide. In this article, I will discuss the similarities and differences between C and C++ programming languages. What is C programming language? C … Read more

Understanding C Programming Basics

Understanding C Programming Basics

So, finally you decided to learn C programming either because it is in your academic syllabus or you to get a job or it is really interesting to you. Whatever may be the case, as learning the Basics of C Programming is the first step, I will make sure you learn the right things in … Read more

Compiling glibc on Ubuntu 18.04

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I am trying to compile glibc on Ubuntu 18.04. I tried: apt build-dep glibc apt source glibc cd glibc-2.27 debuild -b -uc -us The build failed with 9 tests failures. I’ve found out that there is a version 2.27-3ubuntu1.3 which is newer then what was downloaded with “apt source”. apt source glibc=2.27-3ubuntu1.3 didn’t work, so … Read more

How To Compile And Run C Or C++ Program In Linux/Unix Terminal

How To Compile C and C++ Program In Linux Terminal

Programming in Linux has various advantages over other operating systems. It provides a vast repository of open source tools required for the development of software as it is open source that means you can change every line of code as per your requirement and use. Basically, Linux comes with pre-installed standard compilers and interpreters so … Read more

C Style coding standard: All you want to know about

Coding standard makes code writing cleaner and increases readability. C style is one such coding standard that standardizes the way C programs are written. Every big organization follows this (or some other coding standard). You should start using this if you are an individual programmer right now. Lets understand what it is and what benefits … Read more