Bash Shebang

Shebang is a special character sequence consisting of the hash and exclamation mark (#!) at the beginning of the script. This is used to tell the operating system which program is used to parse the rest of the script. The bash shebang is also known as hashbang, pound-bang, hash-pling, and sha-bang. In this article, we … Read more

Script to delete files in Linux

Linux is a powerful operating system, it consists of various tools which can be utilised by the user to achieve maximum efficiency in his/her work routine. Linux provides user with a fluid environment where the user can run some scripts to carry out some basic working and functionalities. Today we will see how can we … Read more

Script to Make an Instagram Bot to get Followers

Backstory: So last week during my internship one of the work assigned to me was to go and follow some random profiles on Instagram through the company’s page. You might wonder why would someone do that, even I thought the same but when I tried,  it actually worked. Instagram’s algorithm suggests people to visit your account if you are … Read more

cdre sh

test `whoami` = ‘root’ || echo “You must be root to execute the commands.” cdrecord -scanbus > /dev/null if ! (pidof kerneld || test -f “/proc/sys/kernel/modprobe”); then echo “Neither kerneld nor kmod are running to automatically load modules”. fi report_no_autoload() { echo “Ensure the module $1 is loaded automatically next time.” } if test ! … Read more

Web Site Publishing Submit Scripts

Submit The “submit” script is used to “submit” my pages to the various web sites I maintain. The “submit” script performs various checks on the page and then sends them on their way. Here’s the “submit” script: #!/bin/sh #Use this script to submit documents from the "prepsite" to the # "livesite". Other scripts will be … Read more