Ubuntu Vs Red Hat Enterprise Linux

ubuntu vs RHEL

Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) are the two most popular Linux distributions. If you are using Linux then you probably have used one of these. Today in this article we will compare Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and see the key differences between them. Ubuntu Ubuntu is a distribution based on Debian Linux … Read more

How to monitor CPU temperature in Ubuntu?

how to monitor system temperature on ubuntu Linux

Monitoring temperature is essential for systems that get overheated when you run certain applications. Overheating causes various issues, it can damage the hardware components such as hard disk, video cards, motherboard, etc. Overall the higher temperature decreases the lifespan of a computer system. There are various software tools that can be used to read the … Read more

What is UPI123Pay? How to use it?


UPI123Pay is a payment service recently launched by the Reserve Bank of India which enables feature phone users to make and receive payments. This is an extension to the present Unified Payment Interface (UPI) system which is restricted to smartphone users only and requires the internet to make money transfers. The UPI123Pay works completely offline … Read more

Absolute value in Python

The absolute value of a number is the value without considering its sign. For a real number, the absolute value is also known as the modulus of that number. For example – x =-3 y=3 Here the absolute value of both x and y will be 3. Apart from real numbers, an absolute value is … Read more

The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit technology consortium whose primary role is to standardize, promote, and protect Linux. Nowadays it extended its work far beyond Linux and brings its expertise to some other important open-source projects to help them establish, build and sustain. In 2000 Linux Foundation began under Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) whose … Read more

What is Android 64-bit, advantages over 32-bit and how it will be helpful for the end user

What is Android 64-bit

Today Google Nexus 6 goes on sale via Google Play Store. The latest Google Nexus flagship phone comes with the latest Android L version, the Android Lollipop which is a 64-bit version of Android. Accordingly the chipset manufacturers like Qualcomm, Mediatek, Samsung, Intel are releasing 64-bit SoC. So, today I am going to demonstrate what … Read more

How to Copy a website content using wget command in Linux

Similar to wget-ftp-index.html Need to get a directory listing for a web site which is presented like an ftp site? Here’s my first working run for http: I did the following: # Do the following command to create an empty index.html file, this just starts us at index.html.1 rather than index.html mkdir /tmp/theserver cd /tmp/theserver … Read more

Cool Software Products

Cool Software Products: VNC – Virtual Network Computing vmware – Virtual Machine Cygwin – a UNIX environment for Windows Please note that Cygwin contains SSH, X11 X-Windows server, and many other utilities. Now there is no need to install other SSH packages such as the ones from ssh.com, ssh.org, putty, or others, nor is there … Read more