Using find in Linux

find /etc -type f -exec grep network \{\} –with-filename \; find /etc -type f -exec grep -i network \{\} –with-filename \; find /etc -type f -exec grep ‘\-\z’ \{\} –with-filename \; | less find /etc -type f -exec grep ‘\[\[‘ \{\} –with-filename \; find: find . -type f -exec grep -i mysearchstring \{\} –with-filename \; … Read more

Using vi in Linux

vi Singles: (Command executes immediately) iIaArRoOpPY DJxXu(U)sS~ insert, append, replace, open new line, paste, yank one line, delete to end of line, join 2 lines, delete chars, undelete, substitute, swap between upper and lower case Movement: (Command executes immediately) up/down/left/right kjhl CTRL+U CTRL+D wWeEbB number<ENTER-KEY> (jump that many lines down) Combo’s: yy (yank/copy 1 line) … Read more

Setting Routes in Linux

(Static Routes Page: static-routes.html) These methods of changing the route table don’t last accross reboots. Listed below are methods to make any of these changes permanent. Checking the route table in Linux netstat -rn route Adding and Removing a Network in Linux route add -net gw route del -net gw Adding … Read more

Linux Boot Process

The following is from /usr/src/linux-2.4/Documentation/initrd.txt When using initrd, the system typically boots as follows: 1) the boot loader loads the kernel and the initial RAM disk 2) the kernel converts initrd into a “normal” RAM disk and frees the memory used by initrd 3) initrd is mounted read-write as root 4) /linuxrc is executed (this … Read more

Drivers in Linux

What to do with static drivers, module drivers, append=, and insmod. Drivers in Linux can take on two forms: Built in statically Built as a module Driver Built in Statically: Any drivers that are built in statically in the kernel are always loaded. This means that this causes the total amount of memory the kernel … Read more

Proliant 1500 and RedHat 6.2

HW: PL1500 / dual 166MHz E12 8/17/98, 96MB mem, cdrom at id=6 Compaq Original Smart (EISA – SP181132-001) in slot 6 Compaq Netflex-3/P (PCI 169811-002) in slot 7. SW: SmartStart 4.70, RedHat 6.2 ftp install Update System ROM to 8/17/1998 using SP6224.EXE System Erase using any SmartStart CD (used Sys Erase v1.56) 16384 KB OK … Read more

Using Here Documents in Linux

cat <<EOF>/tmp/newfile This is the contents of the here document It can span multiple lines A here document says to take all of this text up to the terminating characters (which in this case are the characters E, O, and F. I can chose any character string I want to. As soon as the script … Read more

Installing Linux on a Compaq PL2500

My PL2500 will not see all the memory installed… – or – My PL2500 is taking forever to install… If you have one of those two questions, then this document is for you. The Linux won’t autodetect the amount of memory you have on the PL2500 so you will need to declare it. Read on … Read more

Printer Ports

Common Printer port settings are as follows: LPT Port I/O Address LPT1 378 LPT2 278 LPT3 3BC Compaq Servers have the following Parallel Port Setup: LPT Port I/O Address LPT1 3BC LPT2 378 LPT3 278 So whenever setting up printer ports, be sure to either make the operating system use the address that the Compaq … Read more