NCR 53c876 SCSI Chipset

NCR53c876 SCSI Controller (360708-001) PS740 6/350, 6/400, 6/450, 6/500, 6/550, 6/600 PS780 6/350, 6/400, 6/450 PL800 6/350, 6/350e, 6/400, 6/450, 6/500, 6/550, 6/600 PL1600 6/350, 6/400, 6/450, 6/500, 6/550, 6/600 PL1850R 6/350, 6/400, 6/450, 6/500, 6/550, 6/600 PL2500 6/200 PL3000 6/300, 6/333, 6/350, 6/400, 6/450, 6/500, 6/550, 6/600 PL5500 6/200, X/400, X/450, X/500, 6/500, X/550 … Read more

Linux /dev Entries

Located here is a listing of the /dev directory. I have posted this information since you may not always have access to a functional Linux box, and you may need some of the values provided here. ls -l /dev ls -l /dev/rd ls -l /dev/ida Here is a short list of the most common of … Read more

Compaq Devices and Drivers

Here are the drivers for Compaq hardware: NCR53C8XX / Sym53c8xx This driver works with the following SCSI Chipsets: NCR53c875, NCR53c876 CPQARRAY This driver works with the Compaq Smart Array Controllers in the following table. Table of Compaq Array Controllers and Part Numbers: Vendor ID Device ID Name Spare # Assembly # Option # 110e 0040 … Read more

General instructions for Installing Linux onto Compaq Servers

A fresh install would go like this: Run system erase (WARNING!!! DATA Destructive – this wipes out ALL information on ALL hard drives) SmartStart Manual Installation of Linux (or UnixWare 2 if SS is earlier than SS4.60) SmartStart will configure your hardware – Original EISA Smart Array is manually configured using SCU SmartStart will configure … Read more

Linux Recovery

Here’s another version of recovery.html that I put into the Compaq ProLiant Linux Installation HOWTO version 0.7 March 2001. I believe this is a really short way of describing how to do the recovery. I’ll leave the old sections below this in case you need more detailed information. Recovering LILO using Original Installation Media Boot … Read more