How To Install PuTTY In Linux And Use It As An SSH Client?

Earlier I published how to connect to a Linux server using SSH using the command line. This article describes how to install PuTTY which is a UI based free and open-source software (FOSS) application to connect to a PC using SSH, Telnet, rlogin, SCP, etc. Originally this software was written for Microsoft Windows later get … Read more

What Is Git And How To Use It In Linux/Unix?

In a product development environment in big organizations or projects like Linux kernel development where many developers work on the same project but from different locations globally in different timezones. Tracking code changes is quite difficult or next to impossible in such scenarios if not tracked. Git is a version control system that is used … Read more

What Is aptitude And How To Use It?

I already briefly discussed aptitude which is a debian package manager. In this article, we will see it in more detail, and also we will discuss how can we use it in different modes, i.e. interactive and command-line mode. Aptitude is a high-level interface to the package manager that is used in Debian based Linux … Read more

How to Find Exact Name of A Package by Using apt-cache in Linux?

In a debian based package management system the apt-cache is a low-level tool to manipulate and obtain information about packages from apt’s internal database. It creates a repository of information about the packages that are available from your source list. Apt’s database gets updated when you run apt update command. Let’s say you want to … Read more