How To Install and Configure Z Shell (zsh) in Ubuntu/Linux Mint?

How To Install Z Shell (zsh) in Ubuntu/Linux Mint

In a Unix based operating system, a shell is a program that interprets the command and acts as an intermediary between user and kernel. bash, ksh, zsh are some examples of Unix shell. Different shells come with different features and capabilities anyone can install and use them. In this article, we will see to install … Read more

How To Check Open Ports In Linux Using Terminal?

Open Ports In Linux Using Terminal

In the context of computer networks, a port can refer to either a physical or a virtual connection point. A physical port allows a cable to connect with the computers, routers, modems, or any other peripheral devices. Virtual ports are part of TCP/IP networking. Most of the software applications use these ports to connect and … Read more

How To Setup Network File System (NFS) In Linux?

How to Setup NFS in Linux

NFS or Network file system is a distributed filesystem protocol. It allows a remote host to mount filesystem over a network and interact that filesystem much like local storage is accessed. It follows the client-server model. The mounted filesystem can be accessed by the client with whatever privileges assigned to each file. Like many other … Read more

What are LEX programs? How to write them?

How to Write, Compile and Run Lex Program in Linux

LEX programs are used in “Lexical analysis” of the input stream, which is to break the input stream into usable and meaningful elements. The job of a lexical analyzer is to identify and match the patterns from the input stream with respect to the rule part mentioned in the LEX program. Structure of a LEX … Read more