How To Setup Network File System (NFS) In Linux?

How to Setup NFS in Linux

NFS or Network file system is a distributed filesystem protocol. It allows a remote host to mount filesystem over a network and interact that filesystem much like local storage is accessed. It follows the client-server model. The mounted filesystem can be accessed by the client with whatever privileges assigned to each file. Like many other … Read more

How to Find Exact Name of A Package by Using apt-cache in Linux?

In a debian based package management system the apt-cache is a low-level tool to manipulate and obtain information about packages from apt’s internal database. It creates a repository of information about the packages that are available from your source list. Apt’s database gets updated when you run apt update command. Let’s say you want to … Read more

PL 1600 Debian

SmartStart 5.0 system erase manual install set date/time (I set to GMT time rather than local time) sys cfg cfg Smart-2/DH install F10 partition SmartStart 5.0 completes Boot to Debin 3.0 net install CD (10MB) Welcome/continue cfg kbd/us preload modules from floppy/skip ALT+F2 pop in floppy with cpqarray.o on ext2 from drivers.tgz mount /dev/fd0 /mnt … Read more