How to install AlmaLinux on a system?

how to install almalinux os on a system

AlmaLinux is a newly released free and open-source Linux distribution that is intended to provide a community-supported production-grade enterprise operating system. After RedHat announce that it will discontinue CentOS, CloundLinux which maintains its own commercial distribution created AlmaLinux. Its first stable version ”AlmaLinux OS 8.6″ was released on 30th march 2021. In this guide, I … Read more

How to setup NFS on Fedora Linux?

NFS or Network File System is a distributed filesystem protocol initially developed by Sun Microsystems in 1984. It allows a remote host to mount a filesystem over a network and interact with it much like local storage is accessed. NFS is based on the client-server model. A client can access the mounted filesystem with whatever … Read more

How to setup PyCharm on Fedora Linux?

how to setup Pycharm on fedora linux

The PyCharm is a fully-featured IDE for python which is developed by JetBrains. PyCharm supports many other programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, etc. The features of PyCharm can be extended using plugins. It has a built-in graphical debugger, integrated unit tester, and embedded version control system. PyCharm is released in two versions … Read more

How to setup Ksh in Fedora Linux?

how to setup ksh on fedora

A Unix shell is a program that interprets the command or script and acts as an intermediary between the user and kernel of the system. Bash, zsh, csh, and fish are some examples of Unix shells. Like Bash, Ksh (Korn Shell) is a Unix shell and scripting language which is upward compatible with sh. It was developed by David … Read more

How to change root password in Fedora?

how to change root user password in fedora

A root user is a most privileged user account in a Unix-based operating system. It has access to all the commands and files of a system. It requires root user permissions to perform administrative tasks such as installing or removing a software package, changing the ownership and permissions of files, managing other user accounts on … Read more