ISO, CDR, and CDRW in Linux

Creating an ISO Image Here are a couple of different commands for creating an ISO image: [[email protected] /root]# mkisofs -RJ -o image.iso /burndirectory/ [[email protected] /root]# mkisofs -J -o image.iso /burndirectory The options (-RJ) will preserve long filenames, casing and Rock Ridge extensions (long mixed-case filenames and symbolic links for *nix). -J Generate Joliet directory records … Read more

How to create and use a patch in Linux

Creating a Patch File: diff -Naur olddir newdir > new-patch – or – diff -Naur oldfile newfile >new-patch A Note concerning Patch and the number of Directory Levels used: Try to make sure when creating a patchfile that you have the same number of directories levels for both the olddir path and newdir path. For … Read more

Linux Loop Devices

By default you have 8 loop devices (loop0 – loop7). You can extend this number up to 255 (maybe even 256, I haven’t tested it that high). Preparation: Have the kernel source tree installed along with all the other development packages needed in order to build a kernel. This may be done by just redoing … Read more

Setting the Date and Time in Linux

You have at least 2 methods for setting the date and time in Linux: You can set the time by hand, but be careful, lots of clocks tend to drift over time. The trick here to make the time stick across a reboot is to run the hwclock command as shown below You can use … Read more

NCR 53c876 SCSI Chipset

NCR53c876 SCSI Controller (360708-001) PS740 6/350, 6/400, 6/450, 6/500, 6/550, 6/600 PS780 6/350, 6/400, 6/450 PL800 6/350, 6/350e, 6/400, 6/450, 6/500, 6/550, 6/600 PL1600 6/350, 6/400, 6/450, 6/500, 6/550, 6/600 PL1850R 6/350, 6/400, 6/450, 6/500, 6/550, 6/600 PL2500 6/200 PL3000 6/300, 6/333, 6/350, 6/400, 6/450, 6/500, 6/550, 6/600 PL5500 6/200, X/400, X/450, X/500, 6/500, X/550 … Read more

Linux /dev Entries

Located here is a listing of the /dev directory. I have posted this information since you may not always have access to a functional Linux box, and you may need some of the values provided here. ls -l /dev ls -l /dev/rd ls -l /dev/ida Here is a short list of the most common of … Read more

Compaq Devices and Drivers

Here are the drivers for Compaq hardware: NCR53C8XX / Sym53c8xx This driver works with the following SCSI Chipsets: NCR53c875, NCR53c876 CPQARRAY This driver works with the Compaq Smart Array Controllers in the following table. Table of Compaq Array Controllers and Part Numbers: Vendor ID Device ID Name Spare # Assembly # Option # 110e 0040 … Read more

General instructions for Installing Linux onto Compaq Servers

A fresh install would go like this: Run system erase (WARNING!!! DATA Destructive – this wipes out ALL information on ALL hard drives) SmartStart Manual Installation of Linux (or UnixWare 2 if SS is earlier than SS4.60) SmartStart will configure your hardware – Original EISA Smart Array is manually configured using SCU SmartStart will configure … Read more